Our practice of outcome-based collaborative engineering ensures right coordination of the activities to cut down the project execution time, control and execute change effectively and in turn enhances the utilization of available floor area effectively. Hence the onus lies on creating the optimal design mix in line with the design aesthetics, bearing the budgetary guidelines. We leverage the latest tools, technologies and materials to compliment our engineering and create a unique urban dwelling experience full of life! In a developing country like India, there lies a longstanding issue of quality, affordable and sustainable living. The goal of affordable housing is to bridge this gap, bring the amenities to a larger set of the population. Ingsophy does this by using proven methods to make housing for the masses, like precast systems and low cost material approaches, coupled with a very innovative site specific approach to design, thereby making the entire process more efficient as a whole. Every project gives us challenges, but also shows us ways to economize and optimize, which we try to identify and use to our advantage in design.

Premium Mixed Use

A mixed use building/development is, to be precise, a built-up scenario which makes the best use of all possible usage patterns. A careful urban study would reveal that these buildings serving multiple purposes are the best fit in organically developed neighborhoods, and are therefore a very natural solution to such setups. The design of these requires careful physical and functional integration with a serious take on the process of building service optimization. Ingsophy's philosophy is to work in a scenario of no-compromise, trying to deliver a solution that becomes a part of the site and location, organically attaching itself to the larger existing infrastructure, but also form an identity of its own. Commercial facilities need an uninterrupted and hassle free mode of operations to ensure the business continuity. At Ingsophy, we focus on creating the commercial campuses with the appropriate robustness, right sizing of equipment, power control and energy efficiency measures. With the focus on green certifications to optimize the operational budgets of the facilities, Ingsophy takes utmost importance in creating and linking the engineering design to the business goals of the project to focus on the best-fit outcome.

High-Rise Structures/Tall Buildings

When it comes to the engineering design of High-Rise or Tall Buildings, it goes beyond the conventional knowledge, wisdom and code compliances. New era High-Rise projects command an amalgamation of creative ideas and technologies that underscore a solid outcome of Strength, Endurance, Sustainability and Profitability. Being associated on some of India's most envisioned and marquee High-Rise Projects, Ingsophy's forte lies in the collaboration of its engineering practices to carve out the best Structural and MEP systems in conjunction with advanced building performance studies and energy modeling, to resonate well with the success benchmarks of our customers and communities.

Corporate Campus

Effective corporate campus design is a key for organization to achieve success through their employees by designing a workplace that facilitates collaboration and employee engagement, improves employee's communication, and creates innovation environment.

Ingsophy embraces these challenges and takes a people-centered and strategic approach to design corporate campus which ensures high performance work environment, safety, sustainability and low operating costs. Our MEP design and Structural engineering takes care of optimum space utilization, ergonomics and performance parameters.

High Performance Buildings

Healthcare facilities and Data Centers are the most complex and mission critical buildings to design. One is directly related to saving human lives and other linked to business risk and losses. Challenges like Bio-Medical waste handling, patient safety, fire-fighting measures and evacuation issues along with providing a therapeutic environment are the parameters, which set an extraordinarily built hospital, from a normal. The built as well as non-built spaces should contribute towards overall healing. From an ICU to the OPD and from an OT to the parking, each and every ergonomics, have to strategically taken care of, with non-negotiable terms. Whereas Datacenter buildings needs special systems design to ensure 24X7 operation of a building. Apart from providing consulting services for structural, MEP, and civil infrastructure, Ingsophy brings international best practices for high performance buildings design for MEP engineering in collaboration with its partner environmental system design (ESD) to provide high value added services to Indian market.


The traditional Gurukul system which was prevalent thousands of years ago, focused on character building and skill development related education. Ingsophy believes in creating spaces, where an educational institute is not limited to a classroom or a laboratory. Interactive spaces, which encourage knowledge sharing beyond books or conventional practices of teaching. The concept of adaptive reuse, where a space can be alternatively used for other purposes, helps in building less, thus treating the mother earth less. Open spaces, in harmony with nature, fused with built structures, serves the purpose to a larger extent.

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and Warehouses

Since the introduction of the SEZ policy in April, 2000, despite having certain drawbacks in the SEZ bill, India had 199 SEZs into operation by April 2015. The primary reasons of SEZs not flourishing in India has been the lack of proper infrastructure and facilities along with the issues with land acquisition. Now, with the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 coming into picture and the government focusing on concepts like "Make in India", SEZs looks up to a boost of INR 2500 Cr. The focus has shifted on to creating the necessary infrastructure which will require a more integrated and holistic approach. This ideology is in complete alignment with Ingsophy's vision and the modus operandi. Ingsophy focuses on consultancy as a culture, which ensures on to create and provide all the possible parameters for a space or environment, built or non-built, to get commissioned and operate effectively.

Smart Cities

Ingsophy believes that helping develop a robust, smart and clean Public Infrastructure System is the best way to help the citizens for a better and efficient life. At Ingsophy, the endeavor is always to put the most competent alternative into practice to ensure the efficacy in time, cost and resources while extending a contended engineering outcome to encompass the goals of the project. Having worked on iconic projects across the world, Ingsophy leverages the international experience of two decades of its group company Neilsoft ( to undertake smart cities projects in India.